Wind Farm Grants 

The Upper Tweed community benefits from grants from the Community Funds of two windfarms , SSE Clyde Borders and Ventient Energy Glenkerie.    Grants can be paid to local organisations or individuals and Youth Bursaries can be paid to individual families to enable young people to participate in activities.


Micro Grants for local organisations or individuals wishing to undertake specific projects  are available of up to £250 and are administered by the Community Council.   


*Completed application forms for microgrants to be sent to

For larger grants for local organisations, please write to the secretary at the above address, outlining the activity and the sum required, and you will be sent an application form.   These applications will not be administered by the Community Council but if you wish a Council member may be able to give you some helpful advice before you apply.


Youth bursaries are administered by the Community Council on behalf of the Wind Farms.   A bursary can be paid to enable a young person to participate in an educational, sporting or artistic activity which they could not otherwise attend - a bursary can be up to £200 but no part of it may be used for travel expenses and applications are more likely to be successful if part of the total cost of the activity is being borne by the applicant. 

For bursary applications there is no application form and applicants should write to the secretary at the above email address, naming the young person and giving their age, explaining the activity and its total cost (excluding transport), specifying the sum of money which would be necessary to enable the young person to attend, and providing any other relevant information.

Background information can be obtained from the following web-sites





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