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The Upper Tweed Community Council consists of elected members together with co-opted members.  Upper Tweed Community council is, like other Community Councils in Scotland a voluntary organisation made up of local residents who give up their time and have an interest in the well being of their community. 

Elections of new members are held in April and the results announced at the AGM in May.

The current members are:

Simon Edwards                     Chairperson               Tel:  01899 830452

Andrew Beveridge                Vice Chairperson       Tel: 01899 830494

Andrew Weston                    Treasurer                    Tel: 01899 830607

Stephanie Jackman              Secretary                     Tel:  01899 830624

Rosalind Birchall

David Campbell

Kirsty Hughes

Christopher Lambton

Christopher Lewin

Emma Reid

Nick Shapowal            

Sally Walker

Penny Wedderburn-Scott

        The Regional Councillors for our areas (Tweeddale West) are:


Eric Small - Giffordstone Cottage, main street, West Linton, EH46 7EE

Tel:  0300 100 0220

E.mail:  Eric.small@scotborders.gov.uk

Heather Anderson - Whitmuir, West Linton, EH45 7BB

Tel:  0300 100 0220

E.mail:  Heather.Anderson@scotborders.gov.uk

Kris Chapman - 36 rosetta road, Peebles, EH46 8HJ

Tel:  0300 100 0220

E.mail:  Kris.chapman@scotborders.gov.uk

For the Scottish Borders website go to -  scotborders.gov.uk