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What We Do

What is a Community Council?

Community Councils are statutory bodies which are set up and funded by the local authority as a mechanism to engage communities.  We are here to represent our local community and act as a two-way channel of communication between our community and the Scottish Borders Council.  A Scottish Borders Councillor attends our meetings. For a Copy of our Constitution click HERE

The Upper Tweed Community Council covers a large area and as a result of the disparity between Community Council boundaries and the resources used by Scottish Borders Council to produce data, it is not possible to obtain a definitive and accurate population figures for the Upper Tweed Community Council area.  The best estimate is somewhere between 697 and 822, but probably nearer the lower figure.  For a map of the boundaries click HERE.

Community councils also take up local issues and help to resolve them.  For example: drainage problems, potholes or signs requiring repair.

*  We consult on local planning matters and consider regulations and policies passed by local government when deciding whether or not to support application.

*  We hear reports from police about local incidents.

*  We also award small grants to local organisations, and bursaries to enable children to participate in sporting and other activities.


Latest News and Events

As we enter a challenging winter period with the NHS, alongside very possible delays in ambulance call times, we suggest it may be helpful to have easy and mutually agreed access to 'call a friend/family member/neighbour' in the event of a medical emergency.  This is particularly important if you are vulnerable, isolated or live alone.  We MUST stress that this is NOT a suggested alternative to dialing 999, NOR is it implying an offering of medical assistance, merely an available helping hand in the event of an emergency situation


People shielding, self isolating or at risk can get help from Scottish Borders Council's Community Assistance Hubs:  

Getting tested for Covid-19

For guidance on how and when to get tested, click

 Upper Tweed Community Drivers

Please contact Ann Welsh 07707 998 044  Email: utcommunitydrivers@gmail.com for transport to medical or hospital appointments , dentist, or eye tests.